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Leading people, societies, cultures, religions, and nations to international peace.
Creating the possibility for people, societies, cultures, religions, and nations to live in harmony together with nature.
To build up a lasting new green industry that works with renewable and reusable primary products.
To have the representatives of the world religions sign a peace treaty of the world religions together.
To stop violent wars and disturbances worldwide, particularly in the Middle East.
Fighting the reasons for terrorism, offering clarifying information.
Reducing the poverty of the partner states with effective, efficient, and adequate new jobs.
Maintaining the health of the people with natural food.
Reducing the consumption of meat products.
Research and development in order to replace materials used for medicines and drugs that are produced using petroleum products (crude oil).
To teach the children in schools that revenge, hate, miserliness, and violence are bestial feelings while forgiveness, love, sharing, and peace are human feelings.
Organising fair trade to make for a balance between imports and exports in all countries.
Transforming the deserts and dry areas into agriculturally productive lands for bioenergy and organising the trade in the industrialized countries.
Redeveloping, modernising and building new schools, hospitals, and charitable buildings.